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Sunday, April 27, 2014

PAST and TODAY >,> happy happy graduation day and birthday.

Innallaha Ma'ana.

pinjam topi ahli wizard nak amik berkat untuk bergraduate lagi 2 tahun as a b.acc's student in uum. Insyaallah.

not me but my beloved brother, MOHD NAZMEE KAMARUZAMAN.

Congratulation :))

PART1 : Jambatan Pulau Pinang Kedua. wooo~
PART2 : B-Suite Hotel. Preparation for graduation event.

 PART3 : QUEENSBAY. melepak sat sementara menunggu para graduate keluar dewan.

PART4 : A wizard give the curve to the others. END OF STORY :) happy ending.

end of the day for today ?

not yet. have PART4 : after graduation day.


Selamat Hari Lahir mama (^^)

May Allah ease you till Jannah
May Allah bless you till Jannah
May Allah give a good health
May Allah protect you and family.

Thanks God give us a superbb duperrr mama in this world.

we LOVE you Mama ~~

Thanks to God give me a happy family in dunnya.
Thanks God for past, yesterday, today and becoming day.
without family, there is no me in this world.

daugther of the family.


Allya Syahirah Riff said...

such a wonderful family. lepas ni nak tgok kau pulak grad :)

liyakama. said...

thanks Allya. Insyaallah 2 tahun lagi. same2 doakn kita grad nnt :)) huhu.